Color theme selection – which color you are going to select for your home?

Happy woman paint wall at home.

Color has great impact in your life even your moods may change with color colors are reflectance of your personality colors in your home are of worth value and keeps the environment more content and peaceful the colors are helpful in omitting the sense of stress and restlessness from your mind. Even some doctors and psychologists use the color scheme mechanism to remove the sensation of negativity from your mind. So, colors are important in your life.

What steps you are going to change color background of your home let’s discuss this one by one

  • Observe color theme of your home
  • Buy color spectrum chart paper
  • Color and their meaning
  • Changing in colors what you are going to do with utensils?
  • Selection and division of colors
  • Plan of color theme
  • What about black and white theme?
  •  Note all the color around you. Observe the nature of color and write color impact on you like what you feel on noting them for example white cool and good feel!
  • If it I difficult for you to choose and select color of your choice go for a color wheel spectrum… observe the color within them yellow, red and orange give warm sensations while blue, violet and green are meant for cool sensations.
  • Color meaning and spiritual importance.
  • Green and all shade cooling and spiritual sensation
  • Red and all shades warmer and fascinating sensation
  • Blue and all shades cooling and aqua sensation
  • Yellow joyful and funny sensations
  • Purple integral and balanced sensations
  • Gray and all shades deep and sad sensation
  • White purity and calming sensation
  • Pink and all tones cute and courageous sensations
  • Equalize the color tone in your home now you are able to know the meanings of each of the color it’s up to you now, how you will use them.
  • It is really important for you to involve whole of your home in color tone division like if you are just painting your wall and ignoring rest of the elements it must results in useless impact as a whole you must have to consider the other things as well like the furniture, rugs and carpets etc.
  • Now it’s a time for some renovation here you have to think that either you will buy new furniture, rugs or carpet for your home or will adjust your present furniture according to color match scheme it wholly depends on you what you are going to do?
  • Now, let’s divide the color according to nature of the room warm colors must be in kitchen, dining room, living room and all those areas where warmth is felt on the other the cool colors must be in bedroom and sometimes in washroom as well.
  • The most important thing the color of entrance of home must be cool and decent giving nice impact to the person leaving or entering the home.

So, as a whole you must be very conscious in deciding the color tones for your home

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